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Our new look, true to our heritage

Our new look,
true to our heritage


Wine and Spirits - 2015 Winery of the Year
L’Ecole has garnered national and international press over the years for producing superior quality wines. One of which we are most proud, being honored fourteen consecutive years by Wine & Spirits Magazine as Winery of the Year, and becoming the second Washington winery inducted into its prestigious Hall of Fame.



L'Ecole Nº 41 is known for producing reliable, superior quality wines that are crafted for richness and complexity, vintage after vintage.  Our dedication to making premium varietal wines begins by obtaining the highest quality fruit. As a traditional brick and mortar winery, we are engaged in growing and making 100% of our own wines.  Our focus is on terroir-driven, distinctive and expressive wines that reflect the unmistakable typicity of Washington State and the Walla Walla Valley.  This is achieved by our over thirty years of winemaking experience combined with dedicated, long-term relationships with some of the oldest and most proven vineyards in the Walla Walla and Columbia Valleys.

“…what has been proven beyond a doubt is that anyone who values tradition, continuity, and a track record of excellence, will eventually find their way to L’Ecole’s wines. A lot of wineries succeed at making a few barrels of something good in their first or second vintage. The real challenge is to make consistently fine wine, over many years and vintages, across a wide number of varietals and blends.”

-Paul Gregutt, author, wine critic, columnist, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Seattle Times

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Walla Walla Valley Wines

Over the last twenty years we have grown our portfolio of Walla Walla Valley wines. These are terroir driven wines, crafted to capture the elegance and beautiful balance of our best estate and hometown vineyards. With increasing vine maturity, we are able to deliver a richer and more complex slate of fruit and minerals in each wine. The majority of wines in our Walla Walla Valley portfolio are single vineyard estate wines, focused on capturing the unique typicity of each individual vineyard site.

“Marty Clubb has built L’Ecole N° 41 into one of Walla Walla’s flagships…making wines that represent the region, the wines that signify Walla Walla.”

- Patrick Comiskey, Wine & Spirits Magazine

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Columbia Valley Wines

Our Columbia Valley wines all have a varietal focus. The intent is to produce the best example of that particular varietal wine from the best vineyard sites in eastern Washington - all with a L’Ecole imprint of style. These wines are the cornerstone of the L’Ecole portfolio, crafted for consistency and quality in every bottle. With over 30 years of winemaking, we work with a portfolio of older, proven, highly managed vineyards known for their dedication to producing the best fruit possible.

“Clubb continues to produce some of the most impressive wines in the Columbia Valley, from Washington’s best Semillons to a first-rate Columbia Valley Cabernet…”

-Patrick Comiskey, Wine & Spirits Magazine

See Our Winery Exclusive Bottlings

Exclusive Bottlings

From time to time when conditions demand as much, we will elect to produce a limited amount of unique wines focusing on an array of distinctive attributes, such as a specific block of fruit, 100% varietal, or a unique vineyard blend. These wines are limited in quantity, a few hundred cases or less, and are typically available exclusively at the winery.